Package Deal B
Package Deal B
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Package Deal B

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Package Deal A includes:

15ft x15ft Bouncy Castle

Custom made so first to be made in the world like this!

Stand out from the crowd with our custom made Pastel Blue/ Pink or Light Minth Green Bouncy Castle

This Pastel Castle inflatable is quite large, so be sure to check that indoor venues provide enough space and height. Alternatively, this castle is also suitable for outside use.

15ft in diameter, 1ft for blower at the back (total length 16ft) and stands just under 14ft tall.

This inflatable will include

  • 2 Safety Mats.
  • 1 Blower.
  • 1 Extension Cable.
  • Sand Bags or Pegs.
Duel Gladiator Joust Inflatable Red, Blue & White

20ft x 20ft.

This fun Inflatable is just like the real thing, and brilliant for all age groups  - including adults!

The contestants stand on the cushioned platforms above an inflatable bed and try to knock each other off with the padded feudal sticks.

This inflatable will include:

  • 6 Safety Mats.
  • 1 Blower.
  • 1 Extension Cable.
  • Sand Bags or Pegs.
  • 2 Fedudal Sticks.
  • 2 Helmets.

Bungee Run Inflatable Duel Lane

35ft x 12ft.

Two contestants race against each other, attached to a bungee cord, they then run as fast as they can, trying to get as far as possible and place their marker on the centre wall before being hilariously pulled back!

This inflatable will include:

  • 2 Safety Mats
  • 1 Blower
  • 1 Extension Cable
  • Sand Bags or Pegs
  • 4 x Velcro Markers, 2x Red & 2x Blue

Mega 4 In A Line

Our Mega 4 In A Line game stands at 1.1m tall and is made from durable plastic.

Traditionally, this game is played by two players, but why not make teams to add a twist to the game!

This game requires strategy, skill and sometimes a bit of luck!

Players take it in turns to drop counters into the frame to try and form a line of 4 in a row, whilst also trying to block their opponent from doing the same. The first player or team to get 4 of their colour in a row wins!

Giant Jenga

Our giant version of the fun, traditional, family table top stacking game.

The game consisits of solid wooden blocks which stack to form a tower. Build the tower and then take turns to remove a piece without making the whole tower tumble.Be the last person to remove a piece and replace it on the top of the tower, leaving the whole tower standing to win the game!

Both of these games are perfect for BBQ's, parties, family gatherings, weddings or just a little fun for children, as well as adults, and is suitable for playing indoors and out!

Shoot n Score

Football Season can be every day with our Shoot'n' Score, with football included.

12ft x 10ft 

Test your skills and score a GOAL!

The aim of the game is to kick the ball into the target zones of the inflatable. Each individual target has a unique score; highest score wins.

This inflatable will include:

  • 1 Blowers.
  • 1 Extension Cables.
  • Sand Bags or Pegs.
  • Football.

This price is based on a 4 hour booking; if you wish for a longer hire duration then please let us know when booking and we will quote for the time you wish to hire.

Assembly time for this inflatable is 60 minutes, please allow for this when making your booking.