How long does it take you to set up?  

Depending on your choice of equipment, our set up times can vary.

Our standard set up for a childrens party will usually take around 15 - 20 mins

Setting up our a Magic Mirror Photobooth will usually take around 15 - 20 mins where our inflatable and framed Photobooth could take 30 - 45 mins

Full DJ set up could take 30mins - an hour to construct. We request an hour so that we can ensure that everything is fully prepared and pre-tested ahead of the arrival of you and your guests. Additionally, we kindly request for you to provide the access times of your chosen venue when possible.  

Do I need an electricity supply? 

Yes. We will supply the extension cables to a maximum of 45 Metres for all our equipment, so you will need an outlet near the set-up area. 

The inflatable blower runs continuously and uses approximately £0.16 of electricity per hour.  

Do I need to pay a deposit? 

For children's parties, to save the date we ask for a deposit of £30.00 and for the balance to be paid on/before the day of event – either by bank transfer or cash to the driver on delivery. 

For weddings & other parties, we ask for a deposit of £100.00 and the remainder of your payment to be made two weeks before the event by bank transfer. 

Can we add extras after booking?  

Of course you can! If you would like to add or change anything on after you have already booked then please let us know – we will do everything we can to make sure that you have exactly what you request for your event. 

How do I see the images from the photo booth? 

All photos taken at the event are printed within 10 seconds and a digital copy will be given to the paying customer. Moreover, we will post all photos onto our Facebook page (excluding those deemed inappropriate, as well as any images of children). 

I'm having my party at a venue, can you deliver at 10.00am and collect at 5.00pm? 

All our bookings are available to be hired for the period of time that works best for your event, whether this be at home or at a venue. 

Do you hire outside?

Yes, many of our items are available to hire outside.

Inside & Outside (April - September).

Inside only (October - March).

Can an Inflatable be set up outside on astroturf, concrete or sand  

We hesitate to do so for several reasons. In theory, yes it is possible to set up a bouncy castle on artificial lawn, or concrete however it just isn't financially sensible or practical. This is because we would need to charge an un-affordably high price because of the quantity of additional weight required to secure it. The majority of bouncy castles have 6 anchor points which are designed to guide the strengthened steel stakes into the ground (e.g. into natural grass or top soil etc) in order to secure the inflatable to the ground outdoors. These stakes are carefully designed and manufactured to a tried and tested formula and satisfies the HSE policies of 600 Newtons of Force for each individual anchor point. If we can't make use of stakes or drill into tarmac, concrete, or artificial grass (which would probably permanently damage it) we have no choice but to make use of heavy weights to prevent the castle from moving around or tipping over. We attach these sand-bags to the inflatables using strong carabiner-style clips. When the inflatable is outside there are strict laws (laid down by the UK Government) for the amount of weight called for. It's 163KG per anchor point (which equates to 600 Newtons of Force) On a typical bouncy castle (e.g. 12feet x 15feet) with 6 anchor points that amounts to a MASSIVE 978KG !!! That is a literally a ton of weight!! (The weight of a family car is around 1 ton which gives you an idea as to how much weight is legally required to secure the bouncy castle to the outdoor hard-stand area!) Sand bags (when full) typically weigh 25KG, so to get to 163KG we would require 7 bags of sand per anchor point or 42 bags of sand for a standard child's bouncy castle. In addition, carrying 42 sand-bags in our van as well as all the other equipment that could make the van overweight and we could run foul of the law and cause damage to the van. Unfortunately, some less reputable hire companies are prepared to flout the law and just carry one 7kg sandbag per anchor point (so 6 sandbags in total). We have even seen cases where only 4 sandbags have been supplied. Whether the company provides 4 or 6 sandbags it's clearly not putting the safety of children first and foremost. (42 sandbags is the legal minimum when the bouncy castle is sited outdoors on hard standing (assuming 25kg per sandbag) So sadly, due to these reasons We cannot set-up play inflatables OUTDOORS on man-made lawns, or any other hard-standing floors such as concrete or tarmac. We pride ourselves on always putting safety first - and this is the reason. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you hold Public Liability Insurance? 

All our inflatables come with safety test certificates, including Pipa/Rpii tests, and yes we carry a £10 million Public Liability Insurance cover.

JEvents pride ourselves on safety, its our number one priority. Our annually tested, high quality equipment is the best on the market, made from the UK leading manufactures. Our equipment doesn't just pass its annual test, it exceeds all tests to fully comply with BS EN 14960-13 regulations. 

JEvents does not hire out 'toy' castles, all our inflatables / soft play are made from the highest grade 'commercial' materials as well as the latest manufacturing methods.

The big concern with these 'toy' inflatables is the readiness at large stores up and down the country. They may look similar to the public or untrained eye, but in fact the manufacturing processes, low quality materials used are vastly different and do not meet required standards including the the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 or the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) for commercial hire and BS EN 14960:2006. These types of 'toy' inflatables are not insurable for public use or at at public events. If you lent one to your neighbour or use them for commercial hire purposed you would be liable for damages awarded in court following any incident as they will not be covered by any insurance.

Cancelations policy 

We have a FREE cancelations policy up to 48 hours before your child’s party booking. You can call the office on 07747181513.

Once your inflatable has been delivered FULL payment will be required. 

Any postponement will be honoured at no extra cost and any payment already made will be carried over, subject to availability on the new requested date.

If you wish to cancel any other events, including weddings, for any reason within 28 days of your booking, the minimum amount to be charged is £50.00. You must notify JEvents in writing as soon as possible.

What if it’s raining or there are high winds on the day that we are hiring an inflatable? 

No charge is made for any cancellation due to adverse weather conditions (heavy rain and strong wind). Most of our castles have rain covers, which will be suitable for light rain showers or drizzle, but not heavy downpours of rain or stong winds. 

If you wish to cancel your booking due to bad weather conditions please give us as much notice as possible – any cancellations must be made before your inflatable is set up. 

If we believe the weather conditions are unsafe then we will contact you in advance to inform you; we understand this may cause disappointment, but safety must be our priority.  

We do NOT offer refunds due to bad weather once your inflatable has been delivered and set up.

We will not set up in the event of heavy rain or strong wind speeds including gusts over 24mph. We have the right to come and take down any inflatable during a party / event if we believe it to be unsafe. If strong winds arise after set up you should follow these rules / instructions;

1 - Remove all users intermediately from the inflatable equipment.
2 - Turn off the inflatable at the mains.
3 - Once you have had no winds, including gusts over 24mph for 1 hour, you may switch the inflatable back on, ensuring no one uses the inflatable until its fully inflated.

4 - Once the inflatable is being used again, you must review the wind speed every 10-15 minutes for the remained of the hire period.
5 - Repeat this process if wind speeds increase again.


If you need any help or advice, we are always contactable

If your question has not been answered in the above list, please do not hesitate to contact us.